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The EZ Loader 

Our concept arose from the need for a cart with convenient ground level loading.  We realized objects could be pushed, pulled or swept into a cart without heavy lifting or endless repetition.  With a 5:1 leverage ratio and 60-40 weight distribution, the EZ Loader is a marriage of utility and ergonomics.

Using the cart is simple.  After loading at ground level, the handles are pulled rearward, which transforms the loading floor into a side of the container, securing the contents.  During this process, the cart is elevated and is used similar to traditional garden carts.

Over 70 million Baby-Boomers are now retiring in the U.S.  Because the fourth most common activity of retired persons is gardening, the EZ Loader serves an incredible market niche.  .

The EZ Loader was designed using Solidworkstm 3D modeling.  Several configurations have been designed, including three scaled FRP designs.  Two steel/HDPE designs were also created as an alternative to injection or rotational molding which allows further packaging flexibility.  The EZ Loader carries a strong US utility patent (#6050576) with 12 claims. 

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