tanner design group

The Devin Project

The Tanner Design Group is planning to production-release an upgraded version of the 1950s-era Devin sportscar.

In 1983, Thom acquired a battered Devin in a true "barn find." It had been raced extensively in the '50s and '60s against sportscars of that era.

With help of noted automotive designer Dave Stollery, the Devin underwent tasteful body modifications, and is nearing a point where four vehicles will be offered for sale.

In this new design, bodies will be offered in black carbon-fiber or painted FRP with a 3mm epoxy/cormatt structure, providing a significant strength increase.  Vintage or contemporary chassis/engine combinations will be available, along with optional headrest fairings. 

For an experience on what it's like to drive a Devin...click below!


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