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The Air Lasso

Our latest design was born from a necessity to improve security of the MacIntosh Macbook Air. 

The Macbook Air was introduced to the public on January 15, 2008 at the Macworld Expo.  Since then, millions of the flash-memory computers were sold. 

Most laptop computers today contain one receptacle for a universal security device allowing the computer to be locked.  The Macbook Air explicitly lacks such a device due to a thin case profile.  

The Tanner Design Group was asked in 2013 to develop a security device which enables users to lock the Macbook Air.  Entitled the Air Lasso, it's designed of non-magnetic stainless steel and is powdercoated in a variety of colors for durability and scratch-resistance. 

To use the Air Lasso, simply slide it over the computer and attach a standard 3/16" lock.  It's that simple!  

Additonal photos and purchase information will be available soon at: 


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