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The TeleStepper

Our teleprompting system was created to allow film industry professionals the ability to robotically operate Presidential-style teleprompting equipment.  

The use of teleprompters have become widespread as presenters capture the benefits of prompted speech.  Until now, film professionals were required to manually set and change mirror heights when multiple presenters speak consecutively.  This process calls attention to different speakers' heights and adds unnecessary delays to speaking performances.  Users of the TeleStepper can adjust left and right mirror (or microphone) heights up to 40" in vertical travel...from over 300' away! 

Infinite or discrete positioning is available between upper and lower limits.  A special elastomer within the mirror clamp features a "gecko-like" grip, and its rugged design will provide years of service.

Purchasers of the TeleStepper can quickly recoup their investment with an industry-standard $500/day rental fee.  For more information, visit www.telestepper.com

Travel: 24" (standard), 40" (optional)
Positioning: 14 posisitons @ 1.7" increments are standard with the option for finer resolutions
Power Supply: 110 or 220VAC
Velocity: up to 3"/second, customizable
Weight: 18 lbs per unit, including baseplate and mirror
Height: 30" in transport position (standard travel)
Noise: <30 dbA @ 3'
Transport: Packaged in a hard-shell, rolling ATA flight case.
Specifications and SolidWorks EDrawings available upon request.

TeleStepper systems have been used by the Chevron Corporation, Michelle Obama, Lucasfilm, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Joe Biden, Dr Oz, Tom Steyer, the California Democratic Convention, and many others!

For an audio narrative on how the TeleStepper can help your business or organization, click below...

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